Seth Meyers looks at Trump’s support of private prisons

On Tuesday’s Late Night, Seth Meyers checked in on President Trump’s support of the private prison industry. President Trump has voiced support of private prisons despite studies showing that they are less cost-effective.

President Obama began to reduce the number of private prisons in the US last year after research showed that they were high risk and not worth the cost, but of course President Trump disagrees with the former president’s actions.

The biggest problem with private prisons is that in order to keep a prison going, it needs inmates, so the prison industry now lobbies for stricter laws so that more people, especially young men of color, will be locked up.

Private prison groups also benefit from their political ties. For-profit prison firms like GEO Group donated big money to Trump’s campaign and his supporters, and GEO Group has since won a $110 million government contract to build a federal immigrant detention center in Texas.

“If you’re surprised that a private prison company donated to his inauguration, remember his campaign slogans were ‘build a wall’ and ‘lock her up,’” Meyers said. “That’s a recipe for building a prison.”

14 thoughts on “Seth Meyers looks at Trump’s support of private prisons

  1. Money. Greed. Prisons should not be for profit. Period. Squeeze the little guy. We need fewer people in jail. Dumping non violent, sick, homeless , minor drug offenses alcoholics, shoplifting and on and on in jail does not make anyone safer, doesn’t rehabilitate and doesn’t cure addicts. Just makes a lot of money for bondsman , lawyers , ineffective court programs. Early on many programs were affordable by poor and truly worked to get people sober or act more responsibility. Now many are just money making red tape and get all the boxes checked.


  2. A society that cannot afford to protect its citizens without bringing in for-profits corporations is doomed to eventually be a feudalistic and barbaric one. Where’s the money going, folks?


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