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John Oliver rips apart absurd anti-vaccine arguments

I didn’t get polio again today! Anyone else not get polio today? What a time to be alive.

On Sunday’s Last Week Tonight, John Oliver laid out an exasperated argument against the incessant anti-vax movement, which has caused diseases previously contained by medical advances to come roaring back because a former doctor linked vaccines to autism before having his doctor’s license revoked.

Through the internet, parents now get an overabundance of competing answers to questions like: Should you vaccinate? Should you eat the placenta? Should you let kids cry? Oliver’s answers are simple: “The answer is yes, no, and yes, because the more they cry now the more they’ll be prepared to watch This Is Us when they get older.”

“I kind of get why vaccines creep people out. Vaccination can mean getting injected by a needle filled with science juice. Although, pretty much every medical practice sounds terrifying when you break it down like that. An appendectomy means removing one of your organs through stabbery. Antibiotics are poisons used to murder things living in you. And even exercise means forcibly burning up your insides. My point is, the human body is a true carnival of horrors and frankly, I’m embarrassed to have one.”

And while Oliver understands that medicine can be scary to the layman, he also knows that scientists have found zero connection between vaccines and autism. As usual, he gives a well-reasoned, thoroughly researched argument, but at this point, anti-vaxxers have denied all reason. Show this to them anyway.


    1. What?! Ridiculous misstatement or outright lie! I don’t know a single Bernie supporter who is anti-vax or anti-science. I do, however, know loads of drumpfsters who are both. You’ve got your facts all twisted up.


  1. And while geniuses like Jenny McCarthy scare people, scientists continue to search for the true cause/s of autism. McCarthy v. Science. Hmmmm. I choose science & despise the anti-vaxers spreading ignorance & fear while putting others at risk & wasting resources.


  2. my son got polio from the weakened live virus in 1973, so yes, I advocate for vaccines, but never ever weakened live virus vaccines. You just don’t know who is susceptible.


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