Samantha Bee laments the death of all the words Trump has killed

Donald Trump is known for having the best words. He has said so himself on numerous occasions, which according to him, makes it true. But on Wednesday’s Full Frontal, Samantha Bee countered that claim and, in a Twilight Zone-style segment, mourned the loss of words we once held dear.

“He had the best words, and he took them and hid them,” Bee said.

The first word he made disappear was “lies.”

“We looked everywhere but could not find the lost word,” Bee said, before running a string of clips of pundits saying things in place of the words “lies,” like “untruths,”  “inaccuracies,” “deliberate misstatements,” “alternative facts,” “intentional falsehood,”  “misstatements of a factual nature,” and Trump’s own coinage, “euthanism.”

“But, while our president’s struggles with monolingualism may have been excusable, if completely mortifying, his team’s willful perversion of words and their meaning was not,” Bee remarked, giving the example that Former FBI Director James Comey released memos of his talks with the president. “He’s a leaker,” was tweeted Trump’s response.

“Remember when the crime of leaking had a legal meaning: ‘To intentionally disclose secret information?’”

“Sharing recollections of an unclassified conversation doesn’t make you a criminal. It makes you Gossip Girl.”

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