‘It broke me’—Trevor Noah shares reaction to heart-wrenching Philando Castile video

For two nights in a row, Trevor Noah spoke candidly about the shooting of Philando Castile after the officer who shot and killed him was found “not guilty.” But then the video of the shooting was released Tuesday, so on Wednesday’s Daily Show, Trevor once again reacted to the gut-wrenching killing.

“Honestly, I thought that I felt all that I could feel about this story—until I got home, and I watched a newly released video,” Noah said. “And if you’ve already watched this video, you don’t have to watch it again. I wouldn’t say anyone has to watch this video. But if you haven’t seen it, it is graphic, and you probably should watch it. And we’re going to play it for you now.”

He then showed part of the graphic video of Officer Jeronimo Yanez shooting Philando Castile seven times as his girlfriend screams and his daughter jumps out the car.

“I wont lie to you. When I watched this video, it broke me,” said Noah. “It just… it broke me. You see so many of these videos and you start to get numb, but this one? Seeing the child—that little girl—getting out of the car after watching a man get killed, it broke my heart into little pieces.”

“I thought of every joke people make about, ‘Oh, the most confusing day in the hood is Father’s Day. People don’t know where their parents are. Haha. Black dads.’ That’s a black dad that’s gone. That’s a child that grows up not knowing what it’s like to have somebody in their life.”

“You know what’s the most painful thing? For years, people said that there’s a simple solution to a police shooting: just give the police body cameras, film everything, and then there will be no question about what happened. Black people have been saying for years: Just give us an indictment. Just an indictment. Just get us in front of a jury of our peers—of our follow citizens. We’ll show them the video, the evidence, and they will see it, and then justice will be served. And black people finally get there, and it’s like… what? Nothing?”

15 thoughts on “‘It broke me’—Trevor Noah shares reaction to heart-wrenching Philando Castile video

  1. Can’t the police call for back up when they get scared ?
    Lethal force has to become the last resort-
    This killing black people because your scared of them is immoral


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