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Trevor Noah gets candid about Philando Castile and the black experience in America

"There's almost no way to not get shot."

After the verdict came in Monday that Jeronimo Yanez was not guilty in the shooting death of Philando Castile last July, Trevor Noah reacted on his show that night by calling out the NRA for not speaking up for Castile, who was a licensed gun owner and was shot despite telling Yanez that he was carrying.

Between the scenes of Tuesday’s episode of The Daily Show, Noah once again spoke about the shooting, getting candid for five minutes about the black experience in America.

“I know there’s always some story about a person’s character—Oh, drugs and a history and—This man could not have been more of a model citizen, worked with children, revered in his community…the kids used to call hm Mr. Rogers with dreads.”

“You get to a point where you realize it’s just a part of a black person’s life in America.”

Noah then told about how in the six years he has lived in America, he has been stopped 8 to 10 times, in rental cars, his own car, cars with tinted windows, even a Tesla. “I’ve been stopped in a Tesla!”

Castile told the officer he had a gun, then was shot. As Noah put it, this isn’t about typical black-white racism. This is about a state of racism of the police force.

“I believe the police force as a whole is trained in such a way that it creates a state racism that is different.” He gave an example of videos of, say, a white woman shooting a gun and cops essentially saying she doesn’t know what she’s doing. But when it’s a black man, even when you’re running away like Walter Scott, or upfront with the officer like Castile, it’s not good enough.

“There’s almost no way to not get shot.”


Below is the clip of Noah talking about the NRA’s non-reaction to Castile’s shooting. The part about Castile starts around the four-minute mark.

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