Bill Cosby mistrial prompts Jim Jefferies to draft the ‘Fame-to-Blame’ ratio

Bill Cosby is a free man, for now. Despite dozens of accusations of sexual assault and Cosby’s own admission that he drugged women, a jury could not find him guilty of one of those instances of assault.

On Tuesday’s Jim Jefferies Show, Jefferies reacted to news of Cosby’s mistrial by breaking out the ‘Fame-to-Blame’ ratio to show how famous you have to be to get out of jail time.

Cosby is not off the hook yet, but a mistrial stays his sentence for now. “Hearing the news, Cosby said, ‘I never met miss-trial, but whatever she said I did, she’s lying,'” Jefferies joked.

In order to better understand the mistrial, the host looked at how fame affected the trial. The first problem is that “It’s very difficult to be impartially judged when you’re a celebrity, because it’s nearly impossible to find a jury of your peers,” he remarked. “How are you going to find another 12 beloved TV sitcom dads?”

Bringing up the Fame-to-Blame ratio, Jefferies then explained how talented celebrities like Woody Allen and Roman Polanski still seem to be allowed to make movies, while Jared Fogle is getting beat up in prison. Watch the clip to see Jefferies show particular ire for Ted Nugent.

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