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Stephen Colbert lampoons Trump lawyer Jay Sekulow for flubbing investigation questions

“SEKULOW! You had one job!"

President Trump may or may not be under investigation. He tweeted last week that he was, but then he sent his lawyer Jay Sekulow onto the Sunday shows to deny that he was under investigation.

But as Stephen Colbert explained during his monologue on Monday’s Late Show, Jay Sekulow didn’t do a great job as he slipped up and told Chris Wallace that Trump is under investigation.

“SEKULOW!” Colbert shouted. “You had one job!… You had to go shoot your mouth off. You’re the President Trump of trying to keep President Trump president.”

Sekulow and Wallace actually had a very heated argument about whether or not Sekulow said Trump was under investigation.

“Please stop fighting!” Colbert said. “It’s just so upsetting to see my people — middle-aged white men with dark hair and glasses — turn on each other like this!”

“Sekulow is saying Trump is not under investigation, is under investigation, and he has no idea if he’s under investigation.”

“A good lawyer covers his bases,” Colbert explained. “That way, when the judge asks ‘How does your client plead, guilty or innocent,’ he could answer, ‘All of the above.’”


  1. And Sekulow has actually argued before the SCOTUS!!!! Of course, it’s been a decade now, and since then he has been hosting a Right Wing TV show on Christian News Network and doing real lawyering!!!


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