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Stephen Colbert mocks Fox News for dropping ‘Fair & Balanced’ slogan: ‘They finally watched themselves’

Possible new slogan: “CNN for your crazy uncle”

On Thursday’s Late Show, Stephen Colbert explained why Fox News decided to drop their slogan, “Fair & Balanced.”

“I assume because they finally watched themselves,” Colbert joked. But apparently the reason was that the network thought the slogan had been mocked one too many times. With that, Colbert made a guilty face. After all, he spent nine years parodying their blowhard anchors.

The new slogan will be “Most Watched, Most Trusted,” but Colbert joked that the conservative news network tried a few other slogans.

Among the mottos that were left on the cutting room floor were: “CNN for your crazy uncle,” “Thanks for watching, Mr. President,” and “You’d be prettier if you smiled more.”

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