Late Night Television

Seth Meyers wishes Trump a happy investigation into allegations of obstruction of justice

“Trump is the king of spiking the ball at the sixth-yard line."

It was President Trump’s birthday Wednesday. It was also the day special counsel Robert Mueller announced that he is investigating Trump on claims of obstruction of justice. On Thursday’s Late Night, Seth Meyers took a “Closer Look” at Trump’s most unfortunate birthday.

“Trump is the king of spiking the ball at the sixth-yard line,” Meyers said of the president, who fired FBI Director James Comey to disrupt his investigation into Trump’s ties to Russia, only to now be investigated for obstructing the investigation into the Trump camp’s ties to Russia.

“It’s one of the greatest self-owns in political history,” Meyers joked. “How do I get rid of this boomerang? Oh, I know, I’ll throw it!”

Now rumors are spreading that Trump wants to fire Robert Mueller. Newt Gingrich and Kellyanne Conway have both voiced their poor opinions of Mueller, but getting rid of him now will certainly not help Trump’s image.

“Susceptibility to rash action is a terrible quality for a president,” Meyers said. “Basically we’d end up in a war with North Korea if Kim Jong Un forgets Trump’s birthday.”


Speaking of Trump’s birthday. Seth also found some interesting birthday wishes on the president’s Facebook wall. Watch the clip below to see what Jeff Sessions had to say.


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