Trevor Noah and Michelle Wolf rip into Uber sexists

On Wednesday’s Daily Show, Trevor Noah and correspondent Michelle Wolf reacted to recent sexist remarks from Uber executives. “As you may have heard, Uber has not exactly been getting a five-star rating recently,” Noah said.

CEO Travis Kalanick took a leave of absence Tuesday after months of allegations that Uber was a hotbed of sexism and racism. As a result, the company decided to address the situation with the board.

“Uber had a staff meeting to discuss the need to change its culture and to add a second woman to its board of directors,” Noah said. “Good idea. Now at the very moment where you’re talking about sexism, what’s the one thing a dude should definitely not make a joke about?”

Cue the audio of Uber board member Thomas Bonderman interrupting Arianna Huffington to make a crack about how women talk too much. “Whoa, you can tell this guy works for Uber because he does not know when to shut up,” Noah joked.

“Seriously, how stupid is he? The sexist insult is bad enough, but interrupting a woman who is talking about sexism to make a sexist insult is— that’s like Bill Cosby trying to slip quaaludes to the judge at his trial.”

Trevor then brought on Michelle Wolf to talk about the sexism, but she also addressed the idea that women talk too much. Watch the clip to see what she had to say.


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