Samantha Bee defends Kamala Harris after Jeff Sessions questioning

Jeff Sessions testified before the Senate Intelligence Committee Tuesday morning, and during his hearing he fielded questions from numerous senators, but apparently the one senator who went to far was the only woman of color on the panel.

On Wednesday’s Full Frontal, Samantha Bee reacted to the notion that Sen. Kamala Harris was “hysterical” in her pointed questioning of the attorney general.

“The folksy prevarication elf had just drawled us all into a coma when we were suddenly jolted awake by a fast-talking lady lawyer,” Bee said of Harris. But Sessions told the senator she made him “nervous.”

“Aw, Senator Harris, look what you did!” Bee said. “You have to understand that about a third of Jeff’s RAM is dedicated to not saying the ‘n-word,’ which just slows the whole system down. And that goes up to two-thirds when a smart woman of color is lobbing questions at him like a tennis ball launcher.”

“Of course, deplorable Twitter and CNN’s paid Trumpbots have a word for precise, methodical questioning,” Bee remarked, showing a clip of former Trump staffer Jason Miller calling Harris “hysterical” on CNN.

“Oh, f—k off, you goateed tomato emoji! The guy whose master starts every morning rage-tweeting conspiracy slander while working a well-done steak out of his colon does not get to call anyone hysterical.”

10 thoughts on “Samantha Bee defends Kamala Harris after Jeff Sessions questioning

  1. Watched a few minutes off this dialogue the other day while in one of my patients room. Ms Harris would not let him complete a sentence before talking. If it was me, my answers would have changed to simply yes or no. No wonder we can’t get anything done in Washington these days. Simple answers for simple minds. If there is no respect, don’t expect me to carry on a dialogue with you. Period


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