Colbert plans Comey children’s book, ‘James and the Guilty Orange’

“Happy Saint Comey’s Day!” On Thursday’s Late Show, Stephen Colbert reacted to former FBI Director James Comey‘s testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee about meetings he had with Trump before the president fired him.

“Everybody celebrates Comey day in their own,” Colbert explained. “We celebrated by watching TV and writing jokes as fast as we can.”

“Everybody was looking forward to the former FBI director testifying about all of the juicy details of his meetings with Donald Trump,” he said. “Because remember, Comey wrote everything down and all his memos are going to be collected in his new children’s book, ‘James and the Guilty Orange.’”

During the hearing, Comey was asked if he believed the White House when it said Trump fired him because of how he treated Hillary Clinton. Comey said it didn’t make sense because of “all the time and all the water that had gone under that bridge.”

“Oh! I remember that bridge,” Colbert exclaimed. “I think it’s the one they threw Hillary off of to see if she was a witch. And remember, she lost the election so that means –” Cue the clip of Monty Python’s Holy Grail with cries of “Witch! Witch! Burn her!”

Colbert also opened the show by inserting himself into the committee hearing room to ask Comey a few extra questions, quickly before security could drag him out. Watch the clip below.

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