Full Frontal Television

‘Delete your f**king account’: Sam Bee rips Trump for Twitter attack on London mayor

“What is wrong with you?!"

Donald Trump has seemingly made it his job to make sure the world is terrorized by terrorism. After London suffered yet another terror attack last weekend, Mayor Sadiq Khan implored his city to rest easy after police shot and killed the three terrorists. Apparently, Trump doesn’t think anyone can ever rest easy again.

“After this weekend’s terrorist attack in London, our president responded on Twitter,” Bee explained on Wednesday’s Full Frontal. “Unfortunately, this time he didn’t fall asleep mid-covfefe,” Bee lamented, showing Trump’s tweet calling out Mayor Sadiq Khan for saying there was “no reason to be alarmed.”

“What is wrong with you?” Bee asked.

“It’s no surprise that Trump reacting by raging against an ally and jabbering about his stupid travel ban in a series of future Supreme Court exhibits,” Bee continued. “Trump is the only senile old man in the world who’s actually correct that the TV is talking to him.” She then showed clips of Fox & Friends that Trump later tweeted about.

“You want to keep Americans safe, Mr. President?” Bee asked. “Here’s a thought: Stack your government; Read a book; And for the love of God, take the advice a woman gave you exactly one year ago—Delete your f**king account.”


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