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Trevor Noah signs executive order to stop Trump’s phony announcements: ‘No more lies!’

“He really is a TV president!...Donald Trump wants to be president, but he doesn’t want to do president.”

It will surprise no one to find out that Trump often makes claims that are not true. On Tuesday’s Daily Show, Trevor Noah called Trump out on his ‘sh*t’ and signed an order to stop him from making phony announcements.

Trump has a good reason for trying to distract America this week. With the Comey hearing set for Thursday morning, the president has decided the best way to keep America’s minds busy is by deciding this should be Infrastructure Week. As Noah pointed out, that’s like a television station trying to compete with Shark Week by announcing Barnacle Week!

This week, Trump announced new infrastructure projects as part of his tax proposal, but while he played the proposal off as a done deal, he really just sent a memo to Congress suggesting they take the proposal into consideration. “He just wrote a to-do list and signed it?!” Noah exclaimed. “He really is a TV president!…He loves the performance of doing things, but a lot of the time, nothing is actually being done. Essentially, Donald Trump wants to be president, but he doesn’t want to do president.”

Noah then blasted Trump for announcing his $110 billion deal with Saudi Arabia that turned out to be smoke and mirrors. With that, Noah had enough of Trump’s fake announcements. Watch the clip to see what he does about it.


  1. Trumpdon’tcare did not understand that the office of the President is a public service job . A job

    A public. Service Job

    He should just. Quit

    Or his Boss – that is us –

    Needs to fire him and

    Replace him asap. Cause we need A Real President

    Not an over lord


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