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Stephen Colbert calls for ‘new election’ after latest Russian hacker leak

“Nice try, Vlad, but I will not stand by while you try to confuse the American people with bullshit conspiracy theories. That is Donald Trump’s job!”

There has been yet another leak about Russia’s involvement in the presidential election as a whistleblower named, yes, Reality Winner released a classified document detailing Russia’s attempt to hack voting systems. Stephen Colbert had some words about what that should mean for the election on Tuesday’s Late Show.

“Come on, Guccifer, that’s poor planning,” Stephen said of news the hackers tried only days before the election. “You can’t leave your hacking to last minute. Put some thought into it. No one wants an election you just picked up at Walgreens.”

“Who really knows who won November 8th now? I mean, other than Vladimir Putin,” Colbert joked. “I’m a little rusty on my Constitution, but I guess that means new election?” The audience applauded in firm agreement.

On Megyn Kelly’s new NBC News program, which The Daily Show mocked Monday, Vladimir Putin denied any involvement in the election. “When it came to who really was behind the election tampering, Putin’s explanation relied on what’s called Occam’s Razor, because the whole thing makes me want to cut my wrists,” Colbert joked about the “Razor” theory that the simplest answer is usually the correct one.

In the interview, Putin compared the Russia claims to conspiracy theories about the Kennedy assassination. “Nice try, Vlad, but I will not stand by while you try to confuse the American people with bullshit conspiracy theories,” Colbert said. “That is Donald Trump’s job!”


  1. A new election would be the only fair conclusion to this circus clowns performance and I think it’s the only reason why Republicans still support him. They want to win at any cost. I think that when they’ve completed their list of evil deeds perpetrated on the American people then they’ll throw him away and put all of the blame on him. They do eat their own,you know. Shameless old white men without morals


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