Jim Jefferies debuts new show, blasts every ‘f**king guy’ Trump loves

Australian comedian Jim Jefferies became known for broaching hot-button issues after his stand-up bit on gun control went viral a couple years ago. Now he brings that penchant for controversy to Comedy Central as the most recent foreign-born comedian to take over late night television.

With The Jim Jefferies Show, the Aussie joins John Oliver, Samantha Bee, and Trevor Noah as the latest foreign satirist to weigh in on America’s political realm. Jefferies doesn’t seem very comfortable behind a desk yet, or maybe too comfortable as he frequently leans back into his reclining chair, but don’t take his relaxed posture for weakness. The comedian packed a punch in his debut.

In a segment called “This F**king Guy,” Jefferies called out all the pseudo-dictators that President Trump has praised in the last few months. Turkey’s Erdogan, The Philippines’ Duterte, and Russia’s Putin have all received compliments from the president despite having horrible civil rights track records. Watch Jefferies tear into Trump below.

The host followed that segment with a field trip to the Netherlands to find out how the “Black Pete” Christmas tradition is still a thing in 2017.

Jefferies showed his more controversial side in his final segment when he suggested that the best way to end racism in America would be to bring back slavery, but make everyone go through it for 2 years.

In his “2 Years a Slave” proposal, we would start with white people being forced into slavery, then Asian Americans, then Latin Americans, then skip African Americans (because they deserve a “bye week”) and roll back around to white people. Expect more of this type of provocative humor from Jefferies, who, as a foreigner, isn’t afraid to ruffle a few American feathers.

Jefferies ended the show with a surprise guest acting as his weatherman to give a forecast for the earth now that Trump has pulled out of the Paris Accord. News flash: it doesn’t look good.

Tune in to The Jim Jefferies Show Tuesdays at 10:30 ET before The Daily Show on Comedy Central.

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