‘The Daily Show’ won’t let Megyn Kelly forget her Fox News roots as she starts NBC gig

Megyn Kelly scored an interview with Vladimir Putin for the first episode of her new NBC News gig, but critics have already blasted the anchor for lobbing softball questions at the notorious Russian leader. As always, when anyone connected to Fox News faces criticism, The Daily Show is there with some barbs of its own.

On Tuesday’s show, Trevor Noah and Michelle Wolf reminded the world where Megyn Kelly came from, and broke down the implications of Kelly’s move from conservative sensationalism to whatever it is she was doing with Putin Sunday night.

“You know what, Trevor? Seeing someone so conniving trying to manipulate the American public was disgusting,” Wolf said. “I’m not talking about Putin. I’m talking about Megyn Kelly. Last night on her new show, she acted like she didn’t spend the last 12 years of her life as a soldier in Fox News’ culture war.”

“Oh, now we’re supposed to be friends? Now that you’re at NBC you’re acting all peaceful like some sort of Mahatma Blondie?” she continued. “Because let’s not forget, before she was NBC News’ Megyn Kelly, for over a decade she was Fox News’ Megyn Kelly: basically a pretty, race-baiting puppet who Roger Ailes kept trying to put his hand up.”

Watch the clip for more from Wolf.

24 thoughts on “‘The Daily Show’ won’t let Megyn Kelly forget her Fox News roots as she starts NBC gig

  1. Megyn Kelly’s move only proves to me that ALL of the mainstream media is in cahoots to mislead the public and divide us on purpose. The difference is the intensity of the misinformation based on the audience’s level of already altered reality.


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