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John Oliver burns Trump’s ‘catastrophic’ decision to pull out of Paris agreement

“The onus is now on politicians at the state and local level to do what Donald Trump cannot be bothered to."

Donald Trump doesn’t know much about climate change. As John Oliver pointed out on Sunday’s Last Week Tonight, the president made his ignorance clear during his speech withdrawing from the Paris Climate Change Accord.

The withdrawal itself is bad enough, but Trump’s main argument was that he was elected to represent “Pittsburgh, not Paris,” despite the fact that the mayor of Pittsburgh said environmental advances have actually helped his city’s economy.

“Trump’s description of the agreement is so flamboyantly deceptive, it would have been equally accurate for him to say, ‘Compliance with the Paris Agreement would likely require all ducks to wear jean shorts and it would potentially cost each and every American citizen five fish and a dump truck full of hamsters.’ That would be as true as what he just said,” Oliver said of Trump’s insistence that he could negotiate a better deal.

Even companies known for getting bad press have jumped on the environmental protection train. “That is right: This is a story where Walmart, Bank of America, and Phillip Morris end up being the good guys, which just feels inherently surprising,” Oliver said. “It’s like I just said, ‘Great news everyone: Ebola, ISIS, and that dentist who shot Cecil the lion are going to save the planet for us.’”

Oliver called on his viewers to contact their representatives to implore local leaders to act in Washington’s stead. “Apparently, it was never quite enough to motivate ourselves out of love for this large, gassy orb,” Oliver said of Earth. “But maybe we can bring ourselves to do something out of our loathing of this one,” he said, showing an image of Trump.


  1. I agree, John. I am so proud of California, Washington, and New York. I looks like Oregon will be joining us. I am so glad I live in California because of its’ advocacy for the Environment, Civil Rights, Education, Health Care, People of all ages, etc. I don’t mind paying more taxes to live in an enlightened State. Oregon and Washington are cool also. Lived in Oregon for 5 years. A great State.


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