Trevor Noah laughs at ‘covfefe,’ laments everything else Trump did this week

If you haven’t heard yet, the internet went nuts after President Trump tweeted the word “covfefe” to end an incomplete thought. On Wednesday’s Daily Show, Trevor Noah couldn’t help but laugh at the error, but he also got serious about the White House’s latest press briefings.

“I don’t know about America, but Donald Trump has definitely made Twitter great again — say what you want,” he said. “And I’m just going to enjoy this moment,” because “people were searching ‘covfefe’ on the internet like it was a Kim Kardashian nude.”

“As much as ‘covfefe’ was a gaffe, it must have been nice for the White House to have a Trump blunder that, for a change, didn’t threaten national security,” Noah remarked. “And more importantly, it provided welcome distraction from the fallout that came from his recent foreign trip.”

After Trump’s awkward trip through Europe and the Middle East, Sean Spicer held his first press briefing in weeks to say the Trump went incredibly well.

“Did you see how incredible that was?” he asked of Spicer’s speech. “Not only is the administration ignoring all the criticism of the trip, they’re basically saying it was the greatest presidential trip of all time.”


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