Full Frontal Television

Samantha Bee mocks the media over ‘covfefe’ circus

“Trump is right, he really does have the best words!”

“Last night, for five blessed hours, Donald J. Trump made America truly great,” Samantha Bee said on Wednesday’s Full Frontal after the president tweeted the word “covfefe” at the end of an incomplete tweet.

“The Twitterverse greeted ‘covfefe’s’ arrival with unfettered rapture,” Bee said of the internet’s response to the tweet. “For that glorious interlude between midnight and five a.m. we were like passengers on the Titanic who decided to say ‘fuck it!’ and rock out to the band. ‘Thank you, we are Covfefe, we’ll all be dead real soon!’”

“This is what happens when you’ve abstained from your phone for nine days, you ejaculate just like that.”

From there, Bee went on to ridicule “precocious slumlord and part-time death mask model Jared Kushner,” who is the latest Trump staffer to get in trouble over his connection to Russia.

“Look, we can’t assume that Jared knowingly broke the law,” Bee added. “It’s possible that the Russians planted this story to screw with us. It’s also possible that the person POTUS trusts with negotiating Mideast peace, reforming the criminal justice system, solving the opioid epidemic, advising the commander-in-chief and reinventing the entire government is just a complete, fucking idiot! How comforting.”

Watch the clip below for her thoughts on Trump’s trip abroad, too.


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