Trevor Noah on Trump’s trip: National Buffoon’s European Invasion

The Daily Show was off the air last week, so Trevor Noah spent the first few minutes of his show Monday night recapping President Trump’s trip abroad. The other late night hosts had a chance last week to mock Trump’s journey to Saudi Arabia, Italy, and Israel, so Noah’s jokes were a little stale, but he still got a few good jabs in.

In a speech warning young Muslims about terrorism, Trump said, “Your life will be empty, your life will be brief, and your soul will be fully condemned.” Noah remarked, “I’m sorry, those were Trump’s wedding vows.”

In Israel, Trump posed for a photo op at the Western Wall. Noah imagined him saying, “You see this, folks? They build one wall two thousand years ago, zero Mexicans in their whole country!”

One of the big stories of the trip ended up being Trump’s relationship with Melania. In one video, the First Lady seems to slap Trump’s hand away when he reaches out to her. Fox News’s Howard Kurtz said he didn’t see it as a slap. “Wow,” Noah remarked, “Leave it to Fox News not to recognize what rejection from a woman looks like.”

“Luckily for Trump, the pope didn’t slap away his hand when they met, but he looked like he wanted to because, I mean, did you see the pope’s face?” Noah said, showing a picture of a morose Pope meeting Trump. “I don’t want to be blasphemous, but in that moment it looked like even he was questioning whether there’s a God.”

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