Late Night

Seth Meyers slams body-slamming congressman Greg Gianforte

“The G.O.P. health care plan is so bad, Republicans would rather body slam reporters than answer a question about it."

On Thursday’s Late Night, Seth Meyers took a “Closer Look” at recent assault charges filed against newly elected Republican Congressman Greg Gianforte after he body-slammed Guardian reporter Ben Jacobs.

“The Republican congressional candidate for a special election in Montana yesterday reportedly body-slammed a journalist after he asked a question about the Republican health care plan. Now, to be fair, that basically is the Republican health care plan,” said Meyers.

“The G.O.P. health care plan is so bad, Republicans would rather body slam reporters than answer a question about it. His response to the question was to give the reporter a pre-existing condition.”

“I guess the GOP really has become the party of Donald Trump,” Meyers said before cueing up a clip of Trump body-slamming Vince McMahon on WWE. “That was a thing. A real thing that happened.”


  1. To use Morning Joe’s statement to his party: “the fish rots from the head.”
    Trumpism has rotted the Republican Party.
    They have sunken to the bowels of hell.
    They have no shame.
    No core.
    Trump’s conservatives.
    Today’s republicans.


  2. Seth Meyers, great show and the comments and insight into Montana’s Hedge fund Millionaire winning the election after all! The, Gianforre quote’s of the Bible used are as shocking as his body slamming the Guardian journalist, for questioning the GOP’s, CBO budget! Thank you, Seth!


    1. I live in Montana and can tell you that we have endured 85 days of non-stop ads paid for by the Repubs in DC as well as dark $$being poured into this state in order to elect a Republican. There was no concern for who the person is, just that he was a republican. The lies, the scare tactics ( paranoia) employed have been truly disturbing. Money won this election. So disheartening.


  3. This scmuck got elected by people who voted for a Repug early knowing Trump’s evidence of showing no interest in Americans except to rule over them with an iron fist and his rubber Repug stampers taking their marching orders from Putin. The death of the American Republic is near. Repugs have decided it is better we all be Red. Better Red & Russian than having one of those Putin team Blue Dumbycan in office.


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