Seth Meyers looks at Trump’s ‘truly savage’ budget cuts

President Trump has been bogged down by scandals in the past two weeks, but as Seth Meyers pointed out Thursday night, “even as Trump’s scandals pile up, he’s still capable of doing immense damage.”

Meyers took a “Closer Look” on Thursday’s Late Night at Trump’s budget proposal, which would slash funding to programs like Medicaid and SNAP, despite the fact that many of these cuts will hurt his own supporters.

Candidate Trump had a very different view on these programs, even saying that he would not cut any funding to Medicaid. “I think they would f—king hate each other,” Meyers said of current President Trump and his former candidate self, showing clips of Trump berating President Obama for things that take on new meaning as they apply to him.

The budget proposal includes “some truly savage cuts,” but it also includes some major errors as the crafters got caught “double counting what growth will be” after they included a two trillion dollar math error. Which may be why Trump went bankrupt four times. Watch the clip for more.

5 thoughts on “Seth Meyers looks at Trump’s ‘truly savage’ budget cuts

  1. Maybe this will be the time for the pitchforks to come out, more homeless, more hungry people, more uneducated people, a society cannot survive long under this conditions.


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