Seth Meyers checks in on Trump’s swamp-draining

While President Trump is traveling abroad, Seth Meyers took the time to pause from covering breaking news, and instead decided to check in on the progress of one of Trump’s biggest campaign promises.

“President Trump made a lot of promises throughout his campaign, and in general he kept them very simple, as evidenced by their ability to be expressed in three-sylable chants,” Meyers said on Tuesday’s Late Night. There was “lock her up” and “build that wall,” but one thing “that really summed up the mission statement of the Trump campaign” was “drain the swamp.”

Trump likened the phrase to Frank Sinatra’s experience with his popular song “My Way.” He didn’t like it at first, but grew to embrace it because the crowds loved it. “The problem with the Trump analogy is that Sinatra was singing a song in hopes that people would like it, whereas Trump was making a promise that he would have to follow through on,” Meyers said. “And so far, he has not.”

“It seems a more accurate three-word campaign promise would have been ‘Run! Swamp monsters!'”

“So, as usual with Trump, his insistence on changing the way Washington works was overhyped, mainly just empty promises and all talk.” Watch the clip for more on the check-in.

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