Stephen Colbert mocks Trump for ‘sword-flopping’ his way through the Middle East

President Trump spent the weekend on the first two legs of his nine-day, five-country trip abroad. Stephen Colbert spent Monday night cracking jokes about every awkward bit of the president’s journey.

“After arriving, the president then took part in a celebratory sword dance called the ardah, and here’s Trump sword-flopping to the beat,” Colbert joked, imitating the president, “I’m not here to cause no trouble, I’m just here to do the Middle East shuffle.”

“You can kind of hear what he’s thinking,” Colbert added. “He’s going, ‘OK, Donnie, this is weird. But get through it, they’ll let you meet the genie. It’s going to be fine. I’m going to wish for all the wishes.’”

Colbert also observed how other Trump team members reacted to Saudi Arabia. “Not everyone looked that comfortable at the party. Here’s Steve Bannon realizing these aren’t the kind of men in white robes he’s used to.”

Apart from the dancing, Trump also found time to ominously place his hand n a glowing orb. “Whatever qualities that magical sphere confers, eternal youth is not one of them,” Colbert joked. “Fellas, if I may: You need to work on your ‘not looking like supervillains’ skills. It looks like they’re activating the undersea robot to emerge from its volcano base and kill Aquaman.” When zooming out, it seems there were a few other villains in the room as well. Watch the clip for more.

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