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Seth Meyers looks at Trump’s wild trip abroad so far

“It’s like when you were in school and your bully was out with the flu."

On Monday’s Late Night, Seth Meyers took a “Closer Look” at President Trump’s nine day trip to the Middle East. So far, Trump has stopped in Saudi Arabia and Israel, and already a few humorous moments have made the rounds on the internet.

Meyers first breathed a sigh of relief at the fact that Trump was out of Washington for a week. “It’s like when you were in school and your bully was out with the flu,” he said, before launching into a string of jokes about Trump’s awkward moments on the trip so far.

Meyers joked about a video of Trump taking part in a traditional sword dance in Saudi Arabia. “It’s like watching your grandpa do the Electric Slide at a wedding, but with a deadly weapon.”

Trump also received a golden medallion from the Saudi king. Previous presidents have received the medal, “but I wouldn’t be surprised if Trump started wearing it everywhere,” Seth remarked, before imitating the president, “Oh this? Oh yeah, I won Best President at the Desert Olympics.”

While he was in Israel visiting with Benjamin Netanyahu, Trump said he “just got back from the Middle East.”

“No wonder he thought Middle East peace was so easy. He wasn’t accounting for Israel,” Meyers said, mocking the president once more: “I had a great weekend. We achieved peace between the Saudis and the Arabians.”


  1. Going overseas to sell arms to a muslim country with no respect for human rights, especially women, barely considered humans, great! Good way to make usa great again, it seems there is still not enough daily threat to this world with bombing, arms and terrorism. When money knocks at the door all principles flushed in the toilet.


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