Jimmy Kimmel Live Television

Jimmy Kimmel reacts to Trump’s glowing orb in Saudi Arabia

"Trump moved on that orb like a b**ch."

Trump spent the weekend in the Middle East, and of course there were a few awkward exchanges, including that Trump seemed to forget Israel was in the Middle East. But the big photo op that has the internet talking happened during Trump’s stay in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia’s King Salman led Trump on a tour of the Global Center for Combating Extremist Ideology, and at the end of the tour, Trump and Salman posed for a photo while holding on to a glowing orb. Jimmy Kimmel reacted to the photo on his show Monday.

“This is, without question, the strangest thing I’ve ever seen a president do,” Kimmel remarked.

“Trump moved on that orb like a bitch,” Kimmel joked, invoking the president’s now infamous Access Hollywood line.

Kimmel wondered if this was “their version of a ribbon-cutting ceremony,” adding, “But I have to say, the president seemed kind of different after he touched it.” Watch the clip to see the effect the orb had on the president.


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