Trevor Noah tries to keep up with the week of Trump, Brazil, Erdogan, you name it

This has been a crazy week, and just when it seems like it couldn’t get any crazier, it does. On Thursday’s Daily Show, Trevor Noah tried to recap all the biggest highlights of the last day, including Trump’s Comey problems, Brazil’s scandal, and Erdogan’s goons.

“I’ve been trying to keep up with the scandals plaguing the Brazilian government, because it’s really fascinating,” Noah said of the Brazilian president involved in a bribery scandal, “but the truth is, I can’t keep up, because I’m being swamped with all of the scandals happening right here with President Trump.”

On top of that, Turkish leader Recep Erdogan allegedly ordered his guards to beat up protesters at the Turkish embassy in D.C. on Thursday. “In any other news cycle, this would be the story we’d all be talking about,” Noah said. “A foreign president’s security detail beating up American citizens exercising their First Amendment protest rights. This is like watching a stranger come into your house and just start beating up your kids.”

Noah also took note of newly appointed special counsel Robert Mueller, who will oversee the investigation into Trump’s ties to Russia. “Forget investigating the president — make this guy the president,” Noah said. “Seriously: Good at his job and everybody loves him? He’s like a reverse Donald Trump — I bet his hands are huge.”

4 thoughts on “Trevor Noah tries to keep up with the week of Trump, Brazil, Erdogan, you name it

  1. I love TDS, but god! Trump Trump Trump. I get it, it’s what’s current and important but I’m too overwhelmed by it. I’m sticking to John Oliver, simply because his in-depth stories are something different.


  2. This is about Turkey and Brazil . The Turkish embassy incident would be front and center under any other president. But instead our president praises dictators and applauds their thug behavior.


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