Trevor Noah reacts to yet another Trump scandal as Comey memo is revealed

On Tuesday’s Daily Show, Trevor Noah reported on news that President Trump asked FBI Director James Comey not to investigate Michael Flynn. This comes just a day after reports revealed that Trump leaked classified intelligence to Russian officials.

“The news, once again, is focused on President Trump,” Trevor said. “This evening, we just heard that he personally asked former FBI chief James Comey to end his investigation into former national security adviser Michael Flynn and his ties to Russia.”

“I will say this,” Noah added, “I hope the Republicans’ new health care system is good, because I’m getting whiplash from all these scandals.”

“So here’s what we know: Last week, President Trump met with Russian diplomats and reportedly told them classified information about an ISIS terror plot, and we know that that information came from a foreign ally who did not want the U.S. to share it with the Russians because they know you don’t want Russians in your business,” Noah explained. “How are we not getting this? How are we still confused by this?!”

“Nobody wants Russians getting information! It doesn’t matter what the information is. It could be a surprise party that your friend told you about. If you tell the Russians, it’s not going to end well. Your friend is going to wash up on the beach without his head and you’ll be like, ‘But… this had nothing to do with the Russians!’ and the Russians will be like, ‘Why take the risk? You never know.’”

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