Late Show Television

Colbert to Trump: ‘You’re a bad president. Please resign.’

"The good news? Trump found the leaker!”

Another week, another Trump scandal. The Washington Post reported Monday that the president leaked classified intelligence to Russian ambassadors during their visit to the Oval Office last week. On Monday’s Late Show, Stephen Colbert reacted to the fresh news and the continuing story on Trump’s firing of James Comey with some pretty harsh words for the president.

“I have something to say here. Donald Trump, if you’re watching, first of all: You’re a bad president. Please resign,” Colbert implored.

Once the uproarious applause died down, he went on. “Second, please, please, please don’t take Sean Spicer from us! Where am I going to get my daily dose of veiled anger and condescension?” The Press Secretary and Emmy-worthy Melissa McCarthy role has proven himself incapable of handling reporters anymore.


Colbert had some good news and bad news about the leak, though. “The bad news: The Washington Post reports that Trump revealed highly classified information to the Russian foreign minister and ambassador. The good news? Trump found the leaker. It was fast!”

Watch the clips below for more.


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