Late Show Television

Stephen Colbert proves Sean Spicer wasn’t hiding ‘in’ the bushes, but ‘among’ them

“This is perfectly dignified.”

After President Trump’s controversial firing of FBI Director James Comey, Press Secretary Sean Spicer tried so hard to avoid reporters, he hid in some bushes. On Friday’s Late Show, Stephen Colbert demonstrated how Spicer hid among the bushes to escape the cruel world for a bit.

When The Washington Post first reported on the odd incident, they said Spicer hid “in” the bushes until reporters turned off their camera lights. They then updated the story to say he was “among” the bushes. Colbert did a segment on Wednesday making fun of Spicer for hiding in the bushes, but had to update his segment to agree with the Post‘s clarification.

“You see how much more reassuring this is,” Colbert said, squeezing between a pair of fake bushes. “This is perfectly dignified.”

Colbert took the opportunity to teach kids about prepositions and the difference between “in” and “among,” and “from,” as in Sean Spicer runs “from” reporters.

He also added, “Remember Sean, they’re not laughing at you, they’re laughing among you.”


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