Real Time Television

Bill Maher fires off on Trump for the circus surrounding James Comey firing

"Welcome to Apprentice: Nuclear Edition."

On Friday’s Real Time, Bill Maher mocked President Trump for turning his firing of FBI Director James Comey into a reality show. “TGIF after a week of WTF,” said Maher, before recapping the wild week in Washington.

Trump fired Comey while the Director was investigating his ties to Russia. “How would you like to be able to do that?” Maher joked. “A cop pulls you over, ‘You’re under arrest, sir.’ Oh, yeah? You’re fired.”

“The main reason they said Comey had to go, it had nothing to do with Russia, it was all over how unfair he was to Hillary,” Maher said, adding, “This would insult Sarah Palin’s intelligence.”

“Could you imagine what the Republicans would be saying if Hillary was doing this?” Maher asked. “The articles of impeachment wouldn’t just be drafted, Roger Stone would have them tattooed on his back by now.”

Trump has done quite a bit of firing in his first four months. “Welcome to Apprentice: Nuclear Edition.”


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