Trevor Noah rips Trump for meeting with Russians despite investigation

President Trump fired FBI Director James Comey Tuesday even though (or because) Comey was leading the investigation into Trump’s ties to Russia. But despite the bad press he’s gotten for the decision, Trump continued to defy reason Thursday by meeting with Russian ambassadors in the White House.

“All of this madness is happening because of the Trump campaign’s possible ties to Russia,” Noah said. “Firings, hearings, recusals, emails about Borscht recipes—all because of Russia. So, if you were Donald Trump right now, what’s the one thing you would stay away from?”

The correct answer is, Russia. But Trump met with them anyway, including Sergey Kislyak, “the specific guy who got Michael Flynn fired and made Jeff Sessions have to recuse himself from the Russia investigation,” Noah explained.

“If there’s one person you don’t want any more ties to, it’s this guy. He is the kiss of death. But as we all know, no one tells Donald Trump who he can kiss.”

Trump didn’t allow American press into the Oval Office for the meeting, but did allow Russian media if they promised not to publish any photos, which, of course, they did. “Wow! The Russians lied?! Oh, bless your soul, Trump. I can’t believe how innocent Trump’s people are: ‘The Russians lied to us! When has that ever happened before? They said they wouldn’t take the pictures, but they did!'”

“How are you shocked that they lied?” Noah asked. “Was Trump standing there like, ‘Sergey! Why did you release those pictures? You even pinky swore!’ ‘Oh, I thought that was just one of your normal fingers.’”

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