Late Show Television

Stephen Colbert says Trump’s firing of Comey has ‘echoes of Watergate’

“Why would Trump think this is win-win? Even his election was lose-win.”

Colbert’s audience wasn’t sure what to think about news Trump had fired FBI Director James Comey when Stephen broke the news to them Tuesday. By Wednesday, the implications had been realized and Colbert was ready to fully attack the issue in his Late Show monologue.

Comey was leading the investigation of Trump’s ties to Russia when Trump fired him, so naturally, critics have compared the move to Nixon’s Saturday Night Massacre. “Yes, listen closely children, and you can hear the echoes of Watergate: ‘I am not a crook, -ook, -ook, -ook, -ook,’” joked Stephen.

“Hey, you know who else was shocked? Donald Trump. Because both sides of the aisle have been mad at Comey over the years, White House officials believed Comey’s firing would be a win-win.”

“Why would Trump think this is win-win?” he asked. “Even his election was lose-win.” When he didn’t get the laugh he wanted, Colbert added, “Because he didn’t get the majority vote.”

“Now, the president knows eventually all of his critics will come around,” Colbert remarked, pointing out Trump tweeted that his constituents would thank him for firing Comey.

“Alright, how should we thank Trump? We should get him something special. How about a special prosecutor?”


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