Jon Stewart defends Colbert’s ‘crass’ Trump joke during ‘Daily Show’ reunion

Stephen Colbert held a Daily Show reunion on Tuesday’s Late Show to celebrate the 20th anniversary of when he started on the Comedy Central program. Colbert welcomed Jon Stewart, Samantha Bee, John Oliver, Ed Helms, and Rob Corddry to the Ed Sullivan Theater to reminisce about old times.

But first, Stephen sat down with Stewart alone to discuss recent events. “On a night like this, when James Comey has just been fired, do you miss, you know, doing a show like this? Because you used to, you know, talk about bullshit. Now you literally shovel it,” Colbert joked of Stewart’s new life on a farm in New Jersey.

“There are nights where I find myself sort of impotently shouting into the abyss, which if you think about it, wasn’t that different from what I did on a nightly basis,” Stewart replied. “But the things that I’ve gained in terms of time spent with family and things like that, I wouldn’t give up.”

Stewart then brought up Colbert’s “potty mouth,” which caused some controversy after 4chan trolls attempted to #FireColbert over a Trump joke.

“The things you say, even if they’re crass or even if they are in some ways not respectful enough to the office of the presidency, we can insult, he can injure,” Stewart said. “It’s the difference between insult and injury. And for the life of me I do not understand why in this country we try to hold comedians to a standard we do not hold leaders to. It’s bizarre.”

The night began with a sketch taking place in 2005 on Stephen’s last day at the show before hosting The Colbert Report. As he packs up his belongings, the team comes in to say goodbye, wonder about their yogurt, and remark about the political climate, with Bee’s 2005 self saying, “There is no scenario in which I will ever say, ‘God I wish George W. Bush is president.’”

After Colbert’s one-on-one with Stewart, he welcomed the rest of the gang to the stage, and they talked about the old Daily Show days, showed clips, and told tales of early field pieces. Watch the clips below.

38 thoughts on “Jon Stewart defends Colbert’s ‘crass’ Trump joke during ‘Daily Show’ reunion

    1. All one billion of us? 😉

      I think most of us have been out-spoken to a degree. I have dear friends whose feelings I don’t want to hurt. And I try to keep my mind peaceful. I hope that he is removed from office quickly and replaced with a person of integrity.


  1. That bag was of scum and his cronies better not prosecute you. You only said what most of us are thinking. If they take our free speech away it’s the end of this country. How in Gods name did people vote for him? They handed the Congress and the Supreme Court to him also. Free speech is all we have left.


  2. The “office of the president” used to be worthy of respect (& capitalization), but no longer. Now it’s just a big round room (much like a circus tent) in a big white house paid for with money from the very ppl its current occupant & his cronies are trying so hard to screw over.


  3. I didn’t like Stephen’s comment. But, I do respect his right to say it, especially out of fear and frustration. And, I think Jon has asked a very legitimate question.


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