‘Daily Show’s Michelle Wolf reacts as 13 men decide women’s health

On Tuesday’s Daily Show, Trevor Noah and Michelle Wolf responded to the latest from the Republican health care bill. Apparently, the GOP team assembled to decide the details of the bill was made up of 13 men.

When Republicans were called out for not including any women on the committee, they said it wasn’t about gender but about getting the job done.

Or, as Noah put it, “This whole thing will go a lot faster if women aren’t around nagging and menstruating all over the bill. Dude power!”

In order to get the proper perspective on the oversight, Trevor brought on correspondent Michelle Wolf to discuss the “sausage-y” committee.

It “doesn’t look like a panel that protects women,” Wolf remarked. “That looks like the panel that says, ‘Well, she drowned, guess she wasn’t a witch. Let’s throw in another one!’”

To Wolf’s surprise, the GOP couldn’t find a single woman for the team, but managed to find two Mormons. “13 white guys and no women. In that group they were able to get two Mormons, but no women! Which is weird for Mormons,” Wolf joked, “cuz normally they want extra women.”

“You’d think they’d at least put Mike Pence in that group so his wife would have to be there, too.”


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