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John Oliver calls on the internet to flood FCC website to save net neutrality again

"It seems that the Trump era will basically control-Z everything that happened on Obama's watch."

John Oliver has saved the internet before. Well, to a certain extent. In Oliver’s fifth episode of Last Week Tonight, Oliver did a story on net neutrality that went viral and invoked action from internet users that helped protect the freedom of the internet.

Three years later, we have to do it all over again. As Oliver explained on this week’s episode, thanks to the Trump administration’s deregulations, “net neutrality is in trouble” again.

“It seems that the Trump era will basically control-Z everything that happened on Obama’s watch,” Oliver said. “I genuinely would not be surprised if one night Trump went on TV just to tell us that he personally killed every turkey that Obama ever pardoned.”

“So sadly, it seems once more we the people must take the matter into our own hands,” Oliver explained. “Because the FCC are again going to invite public comment on their website — and conveniently for them, the process is actually a lot more complicated this time than it was three years ago.”

Luckily, Oliver has made it easier by providing a URL,, that links directly to the FCC page where you can express your concern to chairman Ajit Pai that you “support strong net neutrality backed by Title II oversight of ISPs.”


    1. Your link got changed to official FCC site
      Don’t use Google search engine
      Use independent ones like StartPage, Ecosia, or DuckDuckGo
      Or else you get redirected to official FCC website


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