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Stephen Colbert says Republicans ‘kicked America in the balls’ with new health care bill

"Republicans were chanting, 'We're number one...third of the way through a very complex process!'"

On Thursday’s Late Show, Stephen Colbert mocked the GOP’s latest attempt to repeal and replace Obamacare. The latest version of the American Health Care Act passed the House Thursday but still needs to be voted on by the Senate.

“They did it! Obamacare is finally, officially dead!…is something they can say once the bill goes to the Senate then gets out of committee, is debated on the floor where amendments can be added, then the Senate votes on their bill, which is sent to the conference committee where the differences between the two bills are ironed out, then voted on in the House and Senate again, the sent to the White House for the president to sign.”

Trump held a press conference in the Rose Garden after the bill passed the House to celebrate, but Colbert mocked the premature celebration. “Republicans were chanting, ‘We’re number one…third of the way through a very complex process!'”

Reince Priebus went so far as to say, “The president stepped up and helped punt the ball into the end zone.” But as Colbert pointed out, that metaphor is “accurate, because it gets you zero points and gives your opponent good field position.” Stephen has a better metaphor. “The GOP just kicked America in the balls.”


  1. The balless GOP house passed a bill to appease their manbaby leader’s hunger to take down anything with Obama’s name attached and provide a huge tax break for the richest while taking away healthcare from the most vulnerable.


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