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Seth Meyers lays into Paul Ryan as TrumpCare Vol. 2 passes the House

“Americans are being conned and there will be consequences for the people doing the conning.”

Republicans pushed a new bill through the House Thursday that would repeal and replace Obamacare. On Thursday’s Late Night, took a “Closer Look” at the “disastrous ramifications” of the second try at TrumpCare.

“If the American Health Care Act becomes law, Trump and the GOP will not be able to escape the negative consequences,” Meyers said of the bill. “They will own them.” This includes cutting Medicaid and giving tax cuts to the wealthy.

“The bill literally takes from the poor and gives to the rich,” Meyers remarked. “They basically took an oatmeal raisin cookie and added cilantro.”

This second version of the Republican health care bill was hastily drawn up and didn’t make the rounds to legislators until the day of the vote. “I just wish someone would have the courage to come out against such a secretive process,” Meyers said, aping Republican criticism of the Obamacare process. “I wish someone would just tell Paul Ryan that we shouldn’t pass bills we haven’t read and don’t know what they cost.”

“Everything Paul Ryan claimed to hate about the Obamacare process in 2009 he’s doing now.”


  1. It’s amazing watching the hypocrisy when you watch this ass. How any republican could watch him talk and actually listen to the things he has said about this issue and be able to shrug off the hypocrisy ! They gave no shame. Just smile and be smug. I live for the day there is karma and you no good bastards get what’s coming for you.


  2. Yes it is really ryancare isn’t it. You know that trump doesn’t have a brain cell capable of crafting any kind of a bill. He’s a pawn in their game and he just signs signs signs away!!


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