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Trevor Noah thinks a candidate like Hillary Clinton may never connect with voters again

“Say what you want about Donald Trump, but he doesn’t bore you.”

Hillary Clinton returned to the limelight Tuesday for the Women for Women International event in New York. Trevor Noah reacted to Clinton’s interview on Tuesday’s Daily Show, saying the former candidate “clearly found some shade.”

“Damn, Hillary was in form today,” Noah said of Clinton’s words on misogyny in America. “She did so much dissing that all of the memes just joined her on stage.”

But Noah was also critical of Clinton. He found it refreshing to hear a politician talk like a politician again after three months of Trump, but he could see how people would now be put off by Clinton’s political jargon. “Hillary, Ben Carson called,” Noah joked. “He… wants… his… cadence… back.”

“The fact is we’ve all been inundated by cable news’ fake excitement and sound bite-yness for so long that I don’t think Hillary Clinton or a candidate like her could ever connect with people,” Noah remarked. “Say what you want about Donald Trump, but he doesn’t bore you.”


  1. A mentally unstable leader in the U.S. who wants to mess with an equally unstable leader in North Korea,mix in nuclear weapons…I prefer a leader who”s highly educated,intelligent,informed,eager to learn,measured in his or her responses…(Barack-like). If that’s your definition of ‘boring’,bring it on!!


  2. That is a statement – probably true – about the intelligence and the attention span of the electorate?. And I say that fully aware that Clinton was a flawed candidate at the starting gate?.


  3. Well that is sad and doesn’t speak well for America. Just saying that values , capability , intelligence , education , class, true patriotism etc. No longer is America or electible. Well
    If America is that narcissistic, juvenile, crass , full of magical thinking and have the attention a span of a gnat then we are a civilization is toast.


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