Seth Meyers confirms Trump is in over his head as president after Civil War comments

Donald Trump proved once again Monday that he has no real grasp of the presidency or American history. On Monday’s Late Night, Seth Meyers took a “Closer Look” at Trump’s claim that Andrew Jackson could have stopped the Civil War despite dying 16 years before it began.

Trump even went so far as to question why the war was even fought. “No one ever asked, ‘why was there the Civil War?!'” Meyers remarked. “Trump clearly does not have a firm grasp on the basic facts of being president, let alone the basic facts of American history and now he’s essentially admitting that he’s in over his head.”

“You thought the presidency would be easier than being game show host?” Meyers asked the president. “There’s a reason Abraham Lincoln is on the $5 instead of Alex Trebek.”

Trump also claimed to be a “details oriented person.” Meyers disagreed. “No one thinks details are your strong suit. And I’m not even talking about the little details, I’m talking about things like, ‘Why did the Civil War happen?’ Or, you know, ‘Which country did I just bomb?'”

20 thoughts on “Seth Meyers confirms Trump is in over his head as president after Civil War comments

  1. He is looking bad physically these days! He is aging at an alarming rate. POTUS’ hair got grayer, but 45 looks downright drained. Dried out, like a prune left out in the sun. But orange.????????? Oh well, karmas a bitch….


  2. What does this fool have to do to get people to stop him???? I mean, clearly, he has exhibited his stupidity, ignorance, and narcissism; he displays it proudly. It’s time we took a look at just how and who is letting this POS rage on. It’s not even about him anymore. It’s bigger than him. Although he won’t like the thought of that.


    1. Everybody thinks it’s someone else’s job to get rid of him. Meanwhile, Congress is holding hearings on airlines’ customer service after they’ve already made changes. Priorities, priorities….


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