Full Frontal Television

Will Ferrell brings back George W. Bush for Samantha Bee’s Not the White House Correspondents’ Dinner

"How do you like me now?"

The current president didn’t show up to the real White House Correspondents’ Dinner this year, but a fake president showed up to the fake event. Will Ferrell brought back his George W. Bush impression to surprise the audience at Samantha Bee’s Not the White House Correspondents’ Dinner Saturday night.

“How do you like me now?” he asked the roaring crowd.

“The prodigal son has returned. I don’t know what that means, but I know it’s positive,” he remarked. “It’s very prodigal.”

“Quick presidential update: I’m doing quite well, thank you,” Ferrell’s Bush said. “History’s been kinder to me than many of you thought. For the longest time, I was considered the worst president of all time. That has changed — and it only took 100 days. I needed eight years, a catastrophic flood, a war built on a lie, an economic disaster. The new guy needed 100 days.”

He also addressed the journalists in the the room who weren’t too kind to him while he was in office. “You guys always sneaked up on me with gotcha questions like, ‘Why are we going to war? Gotcha!’ ‘Why did you not respond to Hurricane Katrina? Gotcha!’” Ferrell said. “Wish someone had just told me that all you have to say is ‘fake news’ over and over again.”


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