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Trevor Noah thinks ‘trolling’ Ann Coulter should be free to speak at Berkeley

"You realize, she doesn’t actually want to speak. She wants to be stopped from speaking."

Ann Coulter pulled out of a speech at the University of California, Berkeley, due to the threat of violence from protesters. On Thursday’s Daily Show, Trevor Noah argued that she ought to be free to speak at the historically liberal school.

Noah began his segment by discussing controversy over former president Obama’s paid speech on Wall Street. “If you think Obama made people mad with his planned speech,” Trevor noted, “Ann Coulter was like, ‘Hold my beer.’”

“‘Why won’t they let me say I’m a Nazi?!’” Noah asked, in Coulter’s voice. “She’s right about the free speech thing, but here’s my opinion: Even though Ann Coulter is clearly trolling and doing this for the publicity of not letting her speak, they should just let her speak.”

“Because you realize, she doesn’t actually want to speak. She wants to be stopped from speaking,” Noah said. “The truth is, a side effect of free speech is that there will always be hate speech. If you ban one, you risk banning the other.”


  1. She is nothing but a publicity whore. She comes out of her rat hole only when she has a book to shill. She has a nasty mouth.
    You know they say you are known by the company you keep. The republicans seem to have the best ones…Rush, Hannity?, Mitch, Fox news, and of course her and a few more. Must be a whole lot of noise when they all get together.


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