Late Show Television

Seth Meyers grills Sean Spicer in Late Night press corps ‘briefing’

Meyers: Where did you guys find Steve Bannon? Spicer: A system of tunnels and caves.

On Tuesday’s Late Night, Seth Meyers sat in on a press briefing with Sean Spicer to ask the press secretary some very unusual questions. Well, he really just used edited footage to stage the “briefing,” but as absurd as Spicer is, it wouldn’t be surprising to see him welcome any of Meyers’ pressing questions.

“Last week, this administration hosted their first White House Easter Egg Roll. I heard it was a pretty big success. What was the best part?” asked Meyers. “No lives were lost,” responded Spicer.

“How easy is it to buy lettuce in Washington?” Meyers asked. “I think getting ahead of that could be an issue,” Spicer remarked.

“Where did you guys find Steve Bannon?” Meyers pressed. “A system of tunnels and caves,” said Spicer, from the footage.

Watch the clip for more of the fake back and forth between the Late Night host and America’s press secretary.


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