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‘Donald Trump’ crashes the ‘Daily Show’ to mock Trevor, plug his new Comedy Central show

"This is fake news!"

Donald Trump finally appeared on The Daily Show. Well, “Donald Trump” did, anyway. Anthony Atamanuik, the star of Comedy Central’s upcoming The President Show, and quite possibly the best Trump impersonator out there, dropped into The Daily Show to give Trevor Noah a piece of his mind.

“I never watch your show, but I’ve seen all the episodes, and you’ve said some very not nice things about me,” Atamanuik’s Trump scolded Noah, declaring, “This isn’t just a show. This is fake news.”

“Yeah, but that’s the point,” Noah responded. “We’re a comedy show, Mr. President.”

“Do you see that, folks? Do you see that?” Trump exclaimed. “He admitted it! I broke him like Mitt Romney. I broke him like a dog, like a dog…like a dog.”

Watch the clip for more, and tune into The President Show this Thursday after The Daily Show on Comedy Central.

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