Stephen Colbert lampoons Info Wars’ Alex Jones with his latest character

On Monday’s Late Show, Stephen Colbert debuted a new character to mock right-wing radio host Alex Jones. The brash conservative host of Info Wars is in the news this week, so Colbert took the opportunity to lampoon one of Trump’s favorite loudmouth pundits.

“The insane radio host is in a custody battle right now and so he’s trying to prove that he’s stable enough to care for children. Unfortunately, he works in front of a camera,” said Colbert, before showing a clip of Jones yelling into his microphone.

“Clips like that make Alex Jones seem less like a fit parent and more like a coked-out football coach in a police standoff.”

Jones’ attorney has said that Jones is not unstable, but is merely a “performance artist” playing a character. Colbert knows a lot about that, because “everybody knows that, for many years, I played a satirical right-wing character.” But he wasn’t referring to his Colbert Report persona, Stephen was instead referring to his classic radio host character, Tuck Buckford.

“Listen, people!” yells Tuck Buckford. “The liberals want to tattoo Obama logos onto the skin of Christian babies! OK? And it makes me want to fight! Fight with my fists! My blood is on fire! My heart is a volcano! It’s time to throw a virgin in there!”


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