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‘The Daily Show’s Jordan Klepper to host new Comedy Central show in old Colbert slot

If his hosting persona is anything like his correspondent persona, this could be Colbert Report Vol. 2.

Comedy Central announced Tuesday that Daily Show correspondent Jordan Klepper will host a new show this fall. Taking over the timeslot previously owned by Stephen Colbert and Larry Wilmore, Klepper’s show will air at 11:30 p.m. following the Daily Show with Trevor Noah.

Little is known about the show’s content yet, but Comedy Central released a statement saying the show “will look to embrace and define the chaos of our country by channeling Klepper’s steadfast attitude that institutions are to be trusted less than the lies of the mainstream media. He’ll surround himself with a hand-picked team of contributors contractually obligated to reinforce his singularly correct world view.”

This sounds a lot like the ironic satire exhibited so well by The Colbert Report. Klepper has always had a bombastic personality as a correspondent similar to Colbert’s when he worked on Jon Stewart’s show. So, if Klepper’s hosting persona is anything like his correspondent persona, we could be looking at a Colbert Report Vol. 2.

“The choice to entrust me with the 11:30 p.m. timeslot is both incredibly humbling and deeply disturbing,” said Klepper of the announcement. “Without a doubt, it has utterly destroyed my confidence in Comedy Central’s decision making acumen. Dear God, now I have to work with these fools.”


    1. No. “Fake” news is stories that are completely made up or where the facts are twisted to cause a different conclusion. Sattire is taking a real story and making it humorous by shining a bright light on the ridiculousness of the people in it. In sattire you don’t change the underlying facts.


  1. They should put Trevor Noah in an earlier slot, rather than THIS guy. Trevor’s a hoot and great political satirist. But unless I catch him on Facebook re-post, I don’t stay up that late to watch his show. And I don’t want his show to fail!!!!


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