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‘The President Show’ is coming to Comedy Central with host Anthony Atamanuik

Look out, America! Trump is bypassing the media and coming straight to the people.

Anthony Atamanuik has the best Trump impression. The greatest impression of any Trump ever. Every other impression is a sorry loser. Sad!

Now, he will be bringing that impression to a weekly late night show on Comedy Central. The President Show will feature Atamanuik as Trump in his attempt to bypass the media and speak directly to the American people.

According to Variety: “Atamanuik’s President Trump is bypassing the mainstream media in favor and hosting a late-night show broadcast live from the Oval Office, where he doesn’t have to field questions from reporters or deal with the other trappings of his position.”

Anthony Atamanuik may be a new name to most, but the Upright Citizens Brigade comedian made the rounds during the 2016 campaign, acting as Trump in a nationwide “Trump vs. Bernie” show, as well as on “The Howard Stern Show,” “The View,” CNN, and Comedy Central’s “@midnight.”

“Laughing at the President is a proud American tradition and we hope not to disappoint anyone in that department,” Atamanuik said in a statement. ” I’d just like to thank Comedy Central for giving us this platform to speak truth to power and if we’re lucky, end up in prison!”

The President Show will premiere April 27 at 11:30 p.m. in the slot after The Daily Show vacated last year by The Nightly Show.


  1. Sorry – I won’t watch – America needs to get to work fixing our Democracy instead of making fun of it. This is a pivotal moment in time and if we don’t put on our working gloves and get involved in our local community and take action now it will be too late for the majority of us. But, ha ha


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