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Bill Maher trolls Trump after yet another week of Russia, climate change, and Michael Flynn news

"What the f—k is it with Trump and coal miners?... It's like saying, 'We gotta get those Blockbuster Video clerks back to work!'"

Bill Maher kicked off Friday’s Real Time by rolling through all the latest crazy Trump news. “Tomorrow is April Fools Day, a day when we fool people by telling an outrageous lie, or as Trump calls it, tweeting,” Maher said.

“He can try to tweet his way out of this Russia story, but this shit ain’t going away,” he said of the most recent scandal news. Former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn this week said he would testify against Trump in exchange for immunity. “This is the guy who led the chant at the convention—’Lock her up—and he also said anyone asking for immunity is probably guilty,” Maher said, adding, “If you think Hillary’s a bitch, try karma.”

Bill Maher then reacted to the latest executive order rolling back Obama’s climate protections in support of coal. “You can’t even say ‘climate change’ anymore around the White House,” he said. “What the f—k is it with Trump and coal miners? Do they have a video of him getting pissed on?”

“When Obama was channeling money and funds to green energy companies, Republicans were always saying, ‘Oh, he’s picking winners.’ At least he was picking winners from the future!” Maher remarked. “It’s like saying, ‘We gotta get those Blockbuster Video clerks back to work!'”


  1. Watched a documentary filmed in coal-mining country about two months ago. The whole company-store schtick and the black-lung victims with their portable oxygen tanks and the young people proud of the heritage to the point that they’d be willing to quit school and go into the mines for the sake of this heritage. It’s a whole other world. Nothing like the average city or suburb. Ministers who lay on hands in healing rituals and handle venomous snakes to prove god loves them. And Trump is taking advantage of their self-imposed ignorance. They are to be pitied, not maligned, and helped in real ways, not doomed to their fates.


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