Trevor Noah tears into Trump for using coal miners as ‘political pawns’

Trevor Noah used his main segment on Wednesday’s Daily Show to rip President Trump’s recent climate change policies. This week, the president announced that he would roll back Obama’s climate protections through what he’s calling “energy independence.”

“I know what you are thinking: this is going to be bad for the environment and the air quality, more carbon emissions,” Noah said. “And you know what, you are right, you are right. But what you are not considering is that this is going to be great for the country. Just not the country you are thinking of.”

China is now poised to become the leader in the fight against climate change all because Trump promised coal miners on the campaign trail that he would bring their jobs back.

“If Trump was genuinely trying to keep hard-working Americans employed, I would understand that,” Noah added. “You know, he made the promise. But it feels like he’s just using these coal miners as political pawns. And the only reason I say that is because everyone seems to agree that coal jobs won’t ever come back.”

“Coal jobs are like those dads who went out to get cigarettes: they’re not coming back.”


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